A Guide to Start Group Home Business

About the Author

Author Michelle Pace and Mitchell Spencer have been successfully operating group homes in the Houston area for 30 years. In this first of its kind manual, the authors share their wealth of experience in this simple, how to guide rich with advice traditionally passed on only by word of mouth.

Their desire to provide care for others combined with persistent marketing and a common sense approach provide a unique business model that makes this a must read for anyone thinking about starting up a group home or wanting to improve their current group home business.

“The Service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

Mohamed Ali

Your Group Home Business

Whether you are interested in opening a group home for the first time or you already own and operate one, this book is full of advice that will guide you on the path to success. Michelle Pace and Mitchell Spencer have written a one of a kind ‘how to’ guide called “How to Open & Operate a Successful Group Home Business” that will help owners and potential owners make informed decisions to accomplish their business goals. Ms. Pace and Mr. Mitchell have thirty years of experience in owning and operating group homes and have created a proven business model they want to share with you.

“How to Open & Operate a Successful Group Home Business” guides group home owners through the selection process, helping them navigate through available opportunities to find the right one. Once that part of the process is complete, the book leads you to the next step to meet the intended goals. Ms. Pace and Mr. Mitchell have perfected a common sense marketing plan, loaded with strategies and tips to build a group home business from scratch or help improve an existing one.

The plan detailed in this book shows how to create a team of partners willing to work together and to offer assistance in finding available resources to provide the best care possible for clients and future clients. When managing a group home, there are many things to consider and a large number of regulations to sort out. This book takes the guesswork out of that and explains how to efficiently run a home while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The authors of “How to Open & Operate a Successful Group Home Business” provide a wealth of knowledge and take the guesswork out of successfully owning and operating a group home. This book provides the answers needed to help you make the dream of being your own boss a reality through group home ownership.

Prolog (Fragments)

" ... we hope to dispel any negative stereotypes by offering positive advice on how to run your group home as a viable business while serving others less fortunate. We also should note that our use of the generic term, "Group Home Business" is applicable to many, many types of homes that provide housing and services to people who need help ... "

" ... under the "group home" umbrella, you can have homes that are designed to serve veterans, the elderly, children, the homeless, those with early-stage Alzheimer's disease ... "